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페이스북 2020. 10. 5. 11:03

[겐조님의 명복을 빕니다. RIP 파리 방역, Thanks K-방역]

우리나라 방역당국의 혼신을 다 한 노력과, 그에 부합하기 위해 생활과 영업을 희생하시는 많은 분들을 군부독재의 후예들에게 빗대는 분들이 파리에 살고 계신다는 소식이 들리는데, 마침 아시아의 아름다움과 향기를 전세계로 알리는데 선구적인 노력을 다 하신 겐조님이 그곳에서 전염병으로 사망하셨다는 슬픈 소식도 전해졌습다.

다카다 겐조님은 일본 출신으로 파리에서 활동한 세계적 디자이너입니다.

현재는 알렉산더 미켈레가 몇 년 전부터 시도한 구찌의 코드로 선풍적인 인기를 끌고 있는 호랑이, 용, 뱀, 꽃 등 동양화의 소재를 다양한 컬러와 접목시켜 '화려한 촌티'를 최초로 대유행시킨 장본인이 겐조입니다.

한국에서 활동하셨으면 Kenzo님 또한 K-방역과 K-뷰티도 함께 느끼고 즐기면서 장수하실 수 있었을 것이라는 생각이 듭니다.

가시는 길 편하시기를 기원합니다.



Kenzo Takada: Japanese designer dies from Covid-19

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Image copyrightGETTY IMAGESImage captionKenzo Takada attended Paris Fashion Week in February of this year

The Japanese founder of the Kenzo fashion brand has died from Covid-19, according to a spokesman for the firm quoted by French media.

Kenzo Takada died at the American Hospital in Paris at the age of 81, his statement says.

Known for his colourful graphic and floral prints, he was the first Japanese designer to gain prominence on the Paris fashion scene.

He settled in France in the 1960s and spent the rest of his career there.

With his "nearly 8,000 designs", the Japanese designer "never stopped celebrating fashion and the art of living", his spokesman said.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo paid tribute to him on Twitter: "Designer of immense talent, he had given colour and light their place in fashion. Paris is now mourning one of its sons."

"I was a fan of the brand in the 1970s when he started. I think he was a great designer," fashion news website WWD.com quoted Sidney Toledano, CEO of luxury conglomerate LVMH which owns the Kenzo brand, as saying.

Image copyrightGETTY IMAGESImage captionKenzo Takada during his autumn-winter 1983-1984 fashion show in Paris

Born in 1939 near Osaka, Kenzo Takada arrived in France in 1965 by boat and settled in Paris.

He founded the internationally known brand under his first name in the 1970s. He launched a men's line in 1983, and later in 1980s the more casual sportswear lines Kenzo Jeans and Kenzo Jungle.

He sold his clothing brand to luxury conglomerate LVMH in 1993 and retired from fashion six years later.

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